Dagny Kristjansdottir
Dagny Kristjansdottir

Söker lägenhet i Lund.

To whom this may regard

I am a 27 year old psychology student from Iceland looking for an apartment in or around Lund for long term rent. I am graduating the University of Iceland with BSc degree in June 2021 and moving to Sweden to pursue further studies in psychology at Lund University.
I have a daughter that is 3 years old. I'm looking for anything from 50 square feet and larger, with two to three bedrooms. Maximum rent that I am thinking of would be around 10.000 SEK. I am willing to look at anything though that might suit me and my child.

Best regards,

Dagný Kristjánsdóttir


Stad Lund
Område In or around lund
Önskemål om antal rum 2-3 bedrooms

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